Influencer consultant & compliance specialist

Rupa Shah - Founder

Hashtag Ad was created in 2017 by Rupa Shah, influencer consultant, to provide brands, ad agencies and social influencers with flexible and bespoke training on the UK regulations for influencer marketing.

Regulatory Expertise

I have over 13 years experience at the Advertising Standards Authority, starting in the Investigations team, where I was lead on several high-profile cases including Channel 4’s Big Brother Golden Ticket competition and the government's "Sid the Slug" salt-reduction campaign.  I progressed to the industry-facing side of the organisation and began writing guidance papers, gave industry presentations and organised seminars on a range of advertising topics. But it's my more recent work with social influencers that really helped provide the inspiration for Hashtag Ad Consulting.  Despite hurriedly working to develop a coherent strategy on influencer marketing to help prevent the growing number of breaches of the CAP code, it became clear that those involved in influencer marketing did not know the rules, particularly those on disclosure, transparency and affiliate marketing.  Vloggers, bloggers and influencers on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube were all breaching the CAP Code and being penalised by the ASA. Time for an alternative approach.

A flexible, integrated approach to Compliance

 Our clients come to us for three main reasons:

  • You’ve had a complaint filed against you with the ASA. We can help you navigate the whole investigations process, draft written responses and guide you on the inner workings of the different ASA panels.
  • You need advice on an influencer marketing campaign. We can work with you throughout the project to ensure you stay within the code of conduct guidelines, prevent complaints, avoid rulings and protect your reputation.
  • You’re looking to train influencers or a brand / agency team. We run seminars and presentations on influencer disclosure and influencer compliance to improve expertise and keep everyone up to date with the latest developments. We can also design bespoke training packages on either a one-to-one or group basis.